Tuesday, August 27, 2019

As Disney announces new rides – the mustn’t miss attractions they’re bringing to a park near you


The D23 Expo gave the people what they wanted and then some.

Transformation of Epcot
Even by the standards of the D23 Expo – a massive convention for Disney’s official fan club, with glitz, glamour, and more cosplay than Comic Con – the weekend’s meet-up brought a bumper payday for fans.
Executives announced a whole series of crowd-pleasing goodies, and while many of the headlines will revolve around the Marvel Comic Universe – She-Hulk, the Rogue One prequels, and Tom Holland still being Spider-Man – it was a huge weekend for Disney’s worlds, lands and parks.
Here are the highlights from Disney’s new announcements – from a humble creperie to a two day luxury space hotel…
The Avengers Campus
Marvel Campus
Spiderman ride
Set for Disney’s parks in Anaheim and Paris, the Avengers Campus will lead with the first ever ride-through attraction to feature Spider-Man, on which guests will help Spidey collect runaway ‘spider bots’ on a dedicated ‘webslinger vehicle’.
The park will be patrolled by a stellar selection of costumed heroes – including Dr. Strange, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Black Widow – while the Ant-Man inspired Pym Particles Test Kitchen will zap your favourite foods up to supersize.
Mary Poppins and Moana come to Epcot
Mary Poppins
Most of Disney’s resorts have been given some new toys, but none more so than Epcot in Bay Lake, Florida. The park is set to host the first ever Mary Poppins-themed exhibit, announced at the Expo by a still-singing, still-dancing Dick Van Dyke, performing “Step In Time” at the tender age of 93.
Guests will be guided down down Cherry Tree Lane past Admiral Boon’s house, before beginning the adventure at the threshold of the Banks family home at Number 17. We don’t yet know any more details, but we’re confident it will be practically perfect in every way.
Moana attraction
And that’s not the only first announced for Epcot’s far-reaching revamp. The “Journey of Water” attraction will be the first to feature Disney’s South Pacific heroine, while Chef Remy will be opening his very own Ratatouille-themed creperie.
Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser
Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
We’ve known for a while that Disney were cooking up a Star Wars hotel-slash-experience-slash-we-weren’t-sure-what, and all has at last been revealed.
The Galactic Starcruiser will debut at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, serving up an immersive, two-day itinerary on board the Halcyon, a luxury starship on which guests quickly become active participants in an interstellar story unfolding around them.
Basically a cruise liner in space, guests will leave the terrestrial realm the moment they cross the airlock. Every cabin comes with a space view, and the more you explore the the ship’s corridors, the more adventures you might find.
Zootopia arrives in Shanghai
Zootopia Shanghai
The Shanghai park is one of Disney’s newer ventures – opening as it did in 2016 – and Zootopia is now set to be its eighth themed land, following hot on the heels of Toy Story Land last year.
Made to mimic the land where ‘anyone can be anything’, the animated animals will welcome at least one new ride, and a host of restaurants, venues and shops. Just mind you don’t accidentally step on Officer Hopps.
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