Monday, September 02, 2019

Eve Myles to play detective in new TV drama


We Hunt Together will air in the spring.
Torchwood DVD signing – Cardiff
Broadchurch actress Eve Myles is turning detective for a new crime drama.
She will star alongside Babou Ceesay in the six-part thriller, We Hunt Together.
The pair will play “dysfunctional detectives” in “hot pursuit” of killers on the loose.
Babou Ceesay
Babou Ceesay (Ian West/PA)
Myles, 41, who played Claire Ripley in Broadchurch and starred in Torchwood, said she was “looking forward to carving out this complicated character”.
The drama, which will air on Alibi, is described as a “psychological thriller and romance” and a “new take on the classic cat and mouse story”.
We Hunt Together will also star Dipo Ola and Hermione Corfield.
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