Don’t Worry, Chris Martin’s Daughter Thinks He’s an Embarrassing Dork, Just Like Yours Does

eSuite | Don't Worry, Chris Martin's Daughter Thinks He's an Embarrassing Dork, Just Like Yours Does

Chris Martin is a dorky dad just like yours. The Coldplay singer was on Ellen on Wednesday (Jan. 15), where he told a story about the time last weekend when he embarrassed his 15-year-old daughter, Apple, when she was working at her first job.
Like any proud dad, he showed up without warning her and it did not go that well. “My daughter works in a clothing store. It’s her first job, and she’s about to be 16 and I’m so proud of her,” he said. “She’s, you know, making her way in the world.”
He wanted to see how she was doing, so he browsed a bit, grabbed a shirt and went up to the register and… Apple was not happy. “Dad, get out!” she whispered under her breath, while rolling her eyes as soon as she saw the 42-year-old global pop star trying to pay for his gear. “And I felt terrible, so I moved to the other line. I was holding my t-shirt and really scared of my daughter.” It’s a story any cool dad can relate to, ending with a cute redemption.
“I paid for the T-shirt and I’d brought her some fudge,” said Martin, 42. “So I said to the lady, ‘Can you just give this to my daughter?’ And as I was leaving, she shouted, ‘I love you, dad!'” 
Watch the clip below.

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