Stream Stunna 4 Vegas’ New Album Rich Youngin

There are a lot of new rap albums out today — Mac Miller, Eminem, Madlib and Oh No, the expanded Dreamville compilation, plenty of stuff that we’ll never even get around to posting. But if you can spare any time within this onslaught, you should probably spare some time for Rich Youngin, the latest from longtime DaBaby collaborator Stunna 4 Vegas.

Stunna, like DaBaby, comes from Charlotte, and the two of them were making anarchic, energetic songs together before the rest of the world caught on. During DaBaby’s big breakout year last year, he founded his own Billion Dollar Baby imprint and made Stunna his first signing. Like DaBaby, Stunna raps hard and fast over springy, cartoonish blurp-bounce beats. Like DaBaby, Stunna doesn’t take himself too seriously. And like DaBaby, he’s industrious. Stunna’s new album Rich Youngin, out today, less than a year after Big 4x, his last album.

Rich Youngin is a quick, dizzy half-hour of extremely energetic rap music. The lead single was the Offset collab “Up The Smoke,” and it’s the rare recent Offset song where Offset seems to really enjoy rapping; Baby and Stunna tend to bring the best out of people that way. Rich Youngin also features DaBaby and Lil Baby on the opening track “Do Dat.” But most of it is just Stunna going nuts by himself, which is really all you need. Stream it below.
Rich Youngin is out now on Billion Dollar Baby/Interscope.

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